Marine Engine Parts

Helptoday can supply the full range of diesel engine spares for the following engine types:


  • Spares for all Duetz engine types 1008-816.


  • Spares for Dorman engine types: DA, LD/LE, Q , JV, SV, SE.


  • Spares for MAK engine types: M281, 282, 331, 332, 332C, 451, 452, 453AK, 453C, 551, 552, 552C, M20, M20C, M25, M25C, M32, M32C, M43, M43C, M601, 601C.

Mirrlees Blackstone

  • Spares for E Series and K Major Mirlees Blackstone engines.


  • Spares for all MWM engine types 208-913.

Nohab Polar

  • Spares for Nohab Polar engine types: F10, F20, F30 and WN25.


  • Spares for Ruston engine types: YE, YD, YWA, YC, and YB.

Stork Werkspoor Diesel

  • Spares for Stork Werkspoor Diesel engine types: R150, 210, F240 and TM410

Wartsila VASA

  • Spares for Wartsila VASA engine types: 20, 22, 32, 38 and 46.

We realise how important high quality engine spares are for a diesel engine.

Helptoday are an alternative to purchasing from the engine builder. Our philosophy is as follows: parts such as cylinder covers, cylinder liners and pistons are sourced from high quality manufacturers mainly in Germany.  

Where required we can provide Lloyds certification.

Critical items such as bearings, piston rings and valves are purchased mainly from the manufacturer that is approved for that specific engine type.

For items such as joints and seals they are made in Germany or neighbouring EEC countries.  Each item will bear the manufacturers stamp and part numbers.